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hetalia rusame photo:  RussianAmerica.jpg

My OTP is RusAme. =v= ~ <3

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My Realism Style
I can draw characters/people as realistically as possible, however if you have a photo of the character/person, I can draw it to much more detail. Real image or not, I need at least two references per character, and will only draw two characters per picture.

Example(without reference):

Turkraine - Change of Scenery by ArielzLullabyx
Other anime style
If you want me to draw something using another artist's style. You pick characters, colors, actions, etc. I will not draw more than two characters in one picture. Please give me at least two references per character.

(No example so far)
My Anime Style
My specific style of drawing anime. You pick colors, characters, expression, etc. I will not draw more than 4 characters per picture. Please give two references per character.

Example: 2p!USA x Fem!Canada by ArielzLullabyx
Chibi Art
Colored Chibi Artwork; You pick the size, amount of characters, colors, etc. I will also need at least two reference pictures per character.

Team Ariel Desktop by ArielzLullabyx


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10 / 2,396
I would like to get Premium Membership...

So, if you wouldn't mind sparing a point or two, please drop them here. It'd be much appreciated. <3

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
"Ariel, I wanna write. Quick, gimme an idea."
"...Good enough."

- Every day with me and my sister.

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If there's ever a time that I'm being a bitch, or that I'm just generally in a bad mood, remind me that this exists:…


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Hetalia! What Country Are You?
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What Is Your Level Of Randomness?
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What Organization XIII Member Are You?
What Organization XIII Member Are You?
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What Is Your Entertainment Career Path?
What Is Your Entertainment Career Path?
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Are You A Tsundere Or A Yandere?
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Who Is Your Host Type?
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What Anime Personality Are You?
What Anime Personality Are You?
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What Genre Of Manga Are You?
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My Current Favorite Song: Resurrect the Sun by Black Veil Brides

Hearing the echoes
Madness grows
The years of my sinning
Teach me to show
A heartless feeling
Of pain and regret
These wounds were opened
Like lines in the sand
The world is sleeping
But they still have hope so

I pray for mourning, I swear I'll never let you die!
These saints within us, can bring this moment back to life!
And my heart's held high with this battle cry, I'll march on!
On the horizon, we will resurrect the sun!

For the darkness
Has broken our homes
All that we wished for
Like fools on a rope
I can feel it
The desperate control
A burning passion
When love takes it's toll
Yet souls have a reason
And I won't let go!

I pray for mourning, I swear I'll never let you die!
These saints within us, can bring this moment back to life!
And my heart's held high with this battle cry, I'll march on!
On the horizon, we will resurrect the sun!
Resurrect the sun!
Resurrect the sun!

The world is sleeping
But they still have hope, so

I pray for mourning, I swear I'll never let you die!
These saints within us, can bring this moment back to life!
And my heart's held high with this battle cry, I'll march on!
On the horizon, we will resurrect the sun!
Resurrect the sun!
Resurrect the sun!
Resurrect the sun!
Resurrect the sun!
01.Name of the band:
Abandon All Ships

02. How long have you been listening?
Two years c:

03. Tell us how you discovered them in 5 words or less:
YouTube Related videos

04. What country are they from?

05. What language do they sing in?

06. Do you know how they became famous?
Started out doing Norma Jean covers, and over time, they picked up more members and more gigs before making singles of their own. They toured with some main stream bands like Silverstein and eventually got on the metalcore radar. 

07. What year did this band form?

08. Ever been to one of their shows?
No, I wish though. Fu--

009. What was the first and last CD they put out?
Their first was Geeving, and the last was Malocchio.

010. Do they have any DVDs? What are their names?

011. Do you own any of the aforementioned DVDs?

012. Is this band a mainstream band?
Hahahahahaha. Good one. They're fricken amazing, though.

013. Ever saw one of their music videos on MTV/VH1/FUSE?
No, but there might have been one on there at some time?

014. How many CDs of theirs do you own?
No, but I have bought songs from iTunes randomly c:

015. Do you own any of their singles?

016. Do you have any of their band shirts?
No, but I really want the skeleton captain one omfg.

017. Name five songs of theirs from the top of your head (doesn't matter if you like the song or not):
Megawacko 2.1, Made of Gold, Heaven, Geeving, Ahmed, Forever Lonely

018. What's your favorite song by them?
Guardian Angel ft. Lena Katina

019. Favorite CD?

020. How much would you be willing to pay to see them live?
... My second kidney, if I have to.

021. Who's your favorite band member?
Angelo Aita omf--

022. What instrument do they play?

023. Do any of your friends listen to this band also?
About 3. But, I dunno if my online buddies do T:

024. What clothing style do they wear?
Uhh... Mainstream scene style? I guess? 

026. Do your parents like this band?

027. Can you name all the songs on one of their CDs?
Bro My God, Geeving ft Jhevon Paris, Megawacko 2.1, When Dreams Become Nightmares, Strange Love, Family Goretrait ft Rody Walker, Guardian Angel ft. Lena Katina, Structures, Heaven, Take One Last Breath
28. What other bands do you like that sound sort of like this one?
Attack! Attack!

029. Is there CD in your CD player right now?
Mix CD that has their music on it, yes.

030. If you don't have one of those, do you have a lot of their songs in your iPod/Zune/whatever?

031. Do you own anything autographed by a band member?
Ha. I wish.

032. Least favorite song from this band?
Hm... I can't think of one. 

033. Last time you listened to them?

034. Ever been into a mosh pit at one of their shows?

035. Were they more famous when you just started listening to them, or now?
They've risen in popularity since I've started listening to them.

036. What's one song of theirs you can listen to on repeat for an hour and not get bored of?
Take One Last Breath, Ahmed, Forever Lonely

037. Are you listening to them right now?

038. On a scale of 1-10, how much knowledge do you have of this band?

039. Ever wrote about them for a school paper?
Lol no

040. What color eyes does the main singer have?
They kinda like purple-ish but I think that's contacts. xD

042. Can you name them all and what instruments they play?
Let's see... I know their names, but not their instruments. Angelo Aita, Martin Broda, Sebastian Cassisi-Nunez. That's all I know omfg.

043. What genre is their music?
Metalcore. Like, screamo... But with dubsteb. lol.

045. Where do you buy most of their band merchandise?
They sell it at Hot Topic, but I don't own any.

046. Did anyone get you into this band? Who?
Nope. Found it myself.

047. Do any movies you know feature their music? Which?

048. If this band broke up, would you honestly cry?
Yes, I swear to god.

049. What's your second favorite band next to this one?
Anarbor, ItaloBrothers.

050. How much has this band influenced you?
fjsfjkasfjklsafkjakjdfkss. This band has raised my epic level over 9000--

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